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Combine 6.2

New Features and Enhancements

JNetDirect Combine 6.2 is a minor release focused on supporting new MS Windows and SQL Server versions and enhancements for large deployments. Please see the detailed list of changes below.

1. Compatibility with the latest Microsoft products

Now Combine is compatible with both Windows 10 and MS SQL Server 2016.

2. Key feature of the new release — an ability to re-run failed scripts

Combine introduces more options to handle script execution errors. Now it allows not only error ignoring or cancellation but also skipping or re-running script with error. Please see Deployment Errors for more details.

3. Other Improvements

Improved Execution State Window interface to increase speed and usability. Please see Execution State Window for the description of the new interface.

Improved Change History Repository performance for large data. Format of Change History Repository database is slightly changed so you have to update the database. Please see Updating the Change History Repository for more details.

Added some configuration options for System Variables. Please see System Variables for more details.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs related to script cancellation.