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Combine 6.0

New Features and Enhancements

JNetDirect Combine 6.0 is a large release introduces two major features — a new ‘Async’ execution algorithm and a new SQL Server 2014 support. A detailed list of changes is given below.

1. MS SQL Server 2014

Combine 6.0 is now compatible with MS SQL Server 2014.

2. New execution mode

Implemented a new ‘Async’ execution algorithm. In this mode scripts on each server are executed independently without waiting each other so it allows faster completion of certain server updates (please see Execution Algorithms for more details).

Added a new execution state window which allows to cancel a script execution on a certain server (please see Execution State Window for more details).

3. New features

Implemented SSL encryption feature (please see Use Encryption for more details).

Implemented x86 Combine version which can be run on x64 platform.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs on x64 platform related to Source Code Control support.

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect constraint name generation for a script to save results.

  • Fixed a bug with the Help window focus.

  • Fixed several minor bugs with window layout and behavior.